Vehicle Enhancement Detail

A fantastic service for bringing your paintwork back to life and leaving a deep, wet look appearance.

Detail consists of a 1-2 stage machine polish to remove 60-70% of paint issues and a suitable wax/sealant.
This is not a full correction service!

  • Alloy wheel cleaner brushed into wheels
  • Paintwork pre-treatment applied
  • Exterior pressure washes down including arches, door shuts & fuel flaps
  • Complete exterior hand washes using detailer’s mits
  • Exterior pressure washed down
  • Detail dry using detailer’s towels
  • Suitable polish and wax mix applied by hand and let to cure
  • Tar spots removed
  • Complete clay bar to remove contamination
  • Final rinse and detail dry
  • Body work inspected
  • 1-2 stage machine polish
  • Suitable Wax or Sealant applied
  • Exhaust and Metal detailed
  • Dark wear treated
  • Glass wear treated
  • Wheels polished
  • Tyres treated
  • Zaino Z8 grand final sealant applied