New Car Detail / protection

It’s an unfortunate fact that more and more new cars are
Leaving dealerships with paint defects (swirls and minor scratches).
Along with contamination and iron fallout due to shipping and commercial car storage.
It is simply a waste of time trying to apply any paint protection system until all these issues have been rectified.

This is why Valetconcepts are being called in to dealerships across Essex and Suffolk to apply paint protection systems correctly.

The paint protection systems we offer provide a 2 to 5 year protection for your paintwork depending on the system applied.

  • Alloy wheel cleaner brushed into wheels
  • Paintwork pre-treatment applied
  • Exterior pressure washes down including arches, door shuts & fuel flaps
  • Complete exterior hand washes using detailer’s mits
  • Exterior pressure washes down
  • Detail dry using detailer’s towels
  • Tar spots removed
  • Complete Clay bar to remove contamination
  • Final rinse and detail dry
  • Body work inspected
  • Machine orbital polish to revive depth in paint
  • Chemical wipe down
  • Protection applied to paintwork & wheels
  • Exhausts & Metals detailed
  • Dark wear treated
  • Complete vacuum – seats, carpets, mats & boot area
  • Hand brush to console, vents & switches
  • Dashboard & Interior dress
  • Fabric Protection applied
  • Tyres treated
  • Zaino Z-8 grand final sealant applied